Marigold Co-op

$630 to $1,053 / month + share purchase

Marigold Housing Co-op

Townhouse - Victoria B.C.

Marigold Housing Co-op is an 86-unit co-op in Victoria. Its well-kept grounds and gardens are the envy of many. The co-op is in walking distance to local schools – from kindergarten to college – local amenities, and a network of walking trails. In a collective arrangement with the strata across the street, the co-op co-owns an outdoor swimming pool with paid pool attendants. The co-op’s children spend many happy hours each summer at the pool.

In addition to 71 two-floor townhouses with basements and private yards, the co-op has a small apartment block of 15 “maisonettes”, many of which are one-level suites, great for members who need to downsize.

For more information on our co-op and to download an application for membership, please visit our website at

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