Krisineleos Co-op

$1,095.50 to $1,344.50 +$2,500 Share Purchase

Krisineleos Housing Co-op

Townhouse - Saanich B.C.

Krisineleos Housing Cooperative is an affordable housing complex (not low-income housing). This co-op is situated on 2.5 hectares of land and conveniently located on a quiet cul-de-sac at the corner of Cherry Rd. and Wilkinson Rd. in Saanich. This family-centric housing co-operative has a large, common backyard with a children’s playground and picnic tables. Close to schools, parks, bus routes and shopping centres.

Share Purchase is $2,500.  $1000.00 is required at move in and the additional $1,500 can be made in payments over the next 12 months. The share purchase is refundable less any damages at move out.

Applications may be downloaded from the website at

**Please note viewings are not available until after the application and interview process.**

Think you’d fit in?  You can read more about Krisineleos Co-op and download their application at

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