Cameo Co-op

$723 - $955/month + $3,000-$5,700 share purchase

Cameo Housing Co-operative

Townhouse - View Royal BC

Cameo Co-operative Housing Association is a 63-unit neighbourhood located in View Royal, close to Admirals Walk, and is comprised of:

12 two-bedroom maisonettes
4 two-bedroom townhouses
12 three-bedroom maisonettes
27 three-bedroom townhouses
8 four-bedroom townhouses

* Single persons are accepted in smallest units

* Pets under 25 lbs are welcome

* No subsidy available

Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope or click here to visit their website for a membership application.

Cameo Co-operative Housing Association
1501 Glentana Road
Victoria, B.C. V9A 7B2

Office: (250) 385-7141
Fax: (250) 385-7154

* Housing charges and share purchase requirements subject to change at any time. This listing is only a guideline – contact the co-op directly for updated information.

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