i4 – community communications

Managing a housing co-operative is unlike any other form of property management.  It’s not just about managing units and assets, it’s about communicating with your members.  i4 was created to meet the unique needs of your community.

i4 Co-opsYou need flexibility and accessibility – a powerful web-based solution that will save your co-op and its members time and money… and you need that solution available to all members – on their computers, their tablets, their phones – day or night.

i4 is a web-based communication toolbox; on the outside, a source of information to potential members and on the inside, a carefully tailored array of services for your members.

A Website
To non-member visitors to your website, you need to present information about your co-op (and co-operative housing in general) and a way for visitors to contact you.

By providing potential members with all the facts about your co-op on your i4 website, you save your membership committee time – potential members know up-front what your requirements are, both financial and participation-wise.  A downloadable application form means no more printing out applications, saving your office time and money in both printing and mailing.

i4 CommunicationsA Community Communication Platform
Members logged into your site have access to a members list, community calendar, community discussion forum and more.  Save printing costs by emailing notifications to your members and allow members to find the information they need, when they need it.  Store meeting minutes, instructions, legal documents and guidelines in a central location.

How many internal community conflicts can be traced back to lack of communication and documentation?  Once your members log into your site, they gain access to:

  • Their own profile, where they can update their contact information.
  • A dynamic members list, including an email contact form for each member, allowing members to communicate, without revealing private email addresses.
  • Direct email contact forms for the board of directors, maintenance, bookkeeper, or any other group or individual.
  • An events calendar, where the board, committees and members can post upcoming events, meetings and important dates.
  • A community forum, where committees can post meeting minutes and information, the board can post legal documents and members can utilize a buy & sell board and discuss co-op matters.

A Robust Maintenance & Asset Tracking System
No more slips of paper or post-it notes – maintenance tickets are now neatly organized by unit, with invoices attached.  Need to check the history of a unit or asset? No problem!  You can even add information you may have stored in paper archives.

If you wanted to check on the maintenance history of a unit in your co-op right now, how would you do it?  At most co-ops, if this task is even possible, it likely involves sifting through moldy boxes in a shed somewhere… or maybe contacting a 3rd party company who has been managing your maintenance?

Whether your co-op is using volunteers, a paid handyman or a management company to coordinate your maintenance, renovations and assets, it’s unlikely you have access to the information you need, when you need it – this is where the i4 Maintenance Tracking System comes in! 

Now your maintenance coordinator can document every maintenance request that comes in, assign contractors, track assets and even attach invoices – quickly, easily and from any computer or mobile device, over time, providing your board with the online maintenance history essential for maintenance planning and financial projections.


Key Features & Benefits of the i4 System:

  • Inexpensive setup includes input of all of your member and unit information.
  • Access your information anywhere… from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection… no bulky software to install or update!
  • Fine-tune access control to meet the needs of your co-op..
  • Save your co-op time and money by cutting down on administrative costs.
  • Build a knowledge-base for your co-op to be utilized for decades to come!
  • Increase communication and member involvement in your community with…
    • Community Forums for discussion, meeting minutes & document storage.
    • Calendar of Events to keep members up-to-date.
    • Track maintenance issues and assets by unit.


Call or email us to discuss the unique needs of your co-op!