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Housing co-operatives are non-profit member-governed neighbourhoods – often more affordable than the standard rental market, but with most of the benefits of home ownership, similar to a strata setup.

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If you are interested in becoming a co-op member, please click on the listings below for information on each individual co-op.  Cascadia Community Solutions does not represent any of these co-ops, we only provide this listing service.

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Four Mile Heights Housing Co-op

4-Bedroom Unit Now Available!

$999 - $1,242/month +$3,000 Share Purchase

Washington Housing Co-op

2-Bedroom Adult-Only Apartment Now Available!

$679-1,349/month + $4,155-7,203 share purchase

Beckley Farm Housing Co-operative

Click for details!

$817/month + $2,000 share purchase

Broadoaks Co-op

Click for details!

$794-962/month + $1,000 share purchase

Cameo Housing Co-operative

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$723 - $955/month + $3,000-$5,700 share purchase

Craigflower Co-op

Sorry - No Vacancies!

$1,000 to $1,100 / month + $4,000 Share Purchase

Craigilea Housing Co-op

Accepting Applications!

$656 to $1,195 / month +$2,500 Share Purchase

Frances Gardens Housing Co-op

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Contact Co-op For Housing Charges

Friendship Housing Co-op

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$1,003-1,188/month +$3,000 Share Purchase