CCS Maintenance Tips – Flushables

Providing easy preventative maintenance tips to your members is a great way to cut down on maintenance costs and empower your members to take responsibility for their units.

CSS Maintenance Tips are suggestions of quick tips you can pass on to your members via your website or email – just edit to meet your needs.  If you have an i4 website, just file this in your maintenance forum so members can refer back to it at any time!


If your plumbing is clogged and materials are found in your system that shouldn’t be there… you may end up paying the plumbing bill.  If those materials make it past your unit and back up our main lines – we will all pay for it.

When choosing what to flush down your toilet or rinse down your sink, always consider the environment.

OK to flush down the toilet:
– #1, #2 & #3 (vomit)
– toilet paper
– other organics (food) that’s too wet to go in the compost, but too chunky to rinse down the sink, such as the kids soggy left-over cereal or the left-over soup that sat forgotten in the fridge a little too long.

OK to rinse down your drains:
– water
– soapy water

NOT OK to flush:
– ALL disposable wipes (even if they say they’re flushable)
– ALL feminine hygiene products (pads & tampons)
– condoms
– paper towels
– non-liquid (you can’t mush it with your fingers) food left-overs
– cat litter (there are exceptions, read further for more info)

NOT OK to rinse down the drain:
– food chunks (use your compost bin for food scraps)
– grease or cooking oil (wait for the bacon grease to harden, then scoop into the compost)

Flushable Cat Litter
Though some brands claim to be flushable, our co-op only recommends the following brands… these are both completely natural and biodegradable (making them safer for your cat too) and proven safe to flush:
Worlds Best –
Swheat Scoop –

Even with these litters though, it’s important to only flush a small amount at once and flush twice – make sure to hold the handle down until the bowl is fully drained each time.

If you find another litter you think should be allowed, please let the maintenance committee know.